A recent survey suggests many Canadians who report striking the right work-life balance are achieving this by taking charge of their lives through personal action or through their attitude – while far fewer credit employers, spouses or family for their success in this area.

Toronto-based Environics Research Group conducted the poll for the Women’s Executive Network. The survey results were based on upon 2,018 telephone interviews with Canadians aged 18 and older.

Among those who said they have been able to take charge of their lives, 70 per cent said it was through their attitude or specific actions, such as good time management and planning, health or fitness plans, limiting their time at work, not worrying about insignificant things, will-power, making time and hobbies.

Sixteen per cent said a supportive spouse or partner, a stay-at-home spouse or partner or their family or household have helped them keep work and personal life separated. Meanwhile, 15 per cent said job-related factors, such as their employment situation, flexible work arrangements or supportive workplace policies, could be credited for their success. Twenty-one per cent mentioned other factors.