Welcome to Network World Canada‘s first Cabling Installation and Maintenance supplement. We’re hoping that you’ll enjoy this section and that it will become a quarterly addition to the publication.

The reason for launching the supplement is simple — we don’t normally have much cabling coverage in Network World Canada. This isn’t because we think cabling issues are insignificant. Unless an enterprise is running an all-wireless network, cabling issues are obviously critical to any networked operation. But Network World Canada‘s staff is kept very busy by other events in the networking industry — new carrier services, acquisitions, new infrastructure, new network operating systems, wireless developments — and those are just a few. We simply don’t have time to cover developments in cabling on a regular basis.

We felt that with data bandwidth exploding, the cost of fibre dropping and a new cabling standard — Cat. 6 — on the horizon, now was as good a time as any to take a more in-depth look at cabling issues. So to get this section going, we turned to the staff at Structured Cabling, a magazine that provides in-depth coverage of the cabling industry.

We hope you enjoy the additional cable coverage we’ve provided. Please give us your feedback.

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