Published: August 20th, 2000

WinZip Computing, Inc. has announced the release of its WinZip 8.0. WinZip allows users to process Zip files and other popular archival/compression formats without a complex command line interface. The new version of WinZip has a Zip and E-mail feature that zips documents and folders and attaches the Zip file to an e-mail message without leaving Explorer. The Wizard feature now allows for the creation and updating of Zip files, as well as extract from MIME and similar encoded files. The new version also attempts to have the WinZip classic interface appear more like Windows. For example, an optional Explorer-style toolbar is available and when creating or updating an archive, WinZip stores the same subfolders and folder information that Windows Explorer would use for a copy operation. WinZip 8.0 requires Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000. Individual copies of WinZip 8.0 are priced at US$29 each. WinZip Computing, of Mansfield, Conn., can be found at

Prices listed are in US currency.