WildPackets to release network monitoring app


WildPackets Inc. is about to release a Web-based monitoring and reporting application it says gives IT managers and engineers the ability to see complex and distributed networks from a single dashboard.

Called WatchPoint, the application from the Walnut Creek, Calif., company works with its OminPeek family of network analysis solutions by aggregating statistical information from multiple sources and network devices that support NetFlow and sFlow.

Leveraging analysis gadgets such as network utilization, RangeMap, geographic map, TreeMap, top ports, top nodes and top collectors, WatchPoint can display the top talkers and top protocols worldwide, or by country, or region or any other way. WatchPoint, which replaces multiple standalone network monitoring applications, supports Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers so IT staff can use it anywhere. The dashboards can be customized for each user.

WatchPoint will be released for sale sometime in the second quarter. The company gave no details on pricing.


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