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Hashtag Trending Feb.15th-U.S., U.K sanction ransomware gangs, new open-source “super cloud” and Salesforce adds gender options

Have ransomware gangs finally crossed “a bridge too far?”, a new “super cloud” says it’s not only open source, but it’s a magnitude cheaper...

Microsoft to permanently disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10 on Feb. 14

On Feb. 14, an update to Microsoft Edge will permanently disable the desktop version of the company's long-retired browser, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11), on...

Japanese Organizations Scrambles To Find Alternatives As Internet Explorer Shutdown

Japanese organizations are struggling to find alternatives to the Internet Explorer browser after waiting until the last minutes to update their websites.

Microsoft To End Support For Internet Explorer on June 15

Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer browser on June 15.

Hashtag Trending June 14 – Internet Explorer retires; Coinbase petition; Tesla investigation

Internet Explorer officially retires this week, Coinbase faces petition to remove CEOs, and Tesla Autopilot investigation escalates.

EITest malware targets Chrome, IE users with file downloader

The well-documented infection chain dates back as far as 2014 and continues to evolve, delivering malware, ransomware, and infecting Windows hosts with the NetSupport Manager remote access tool.

Should Microsoft give up on browser war?

According to analytics vendor Net Applications, Microsoft lost 40 million Internet Explorer users in October and over 300 million in 2016. Microsoft is at risk of losing its leading spot as the most-used browser.

Don’t panic if your company isn’t ready for Internet Explorer’s retirement

Internet Explorer is retiring. This is not exactly fresh news, but Microsoft’s move ahead in the evolution of its browser should not go unnoticed by the corporate IT department

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