A customer call centre can be the heart of an organization. Alert and informed staff that can handle questions and take orders will probably ensure business success.

But bottlenecks to getting someone to answer a call quickly can ruin the odds of a sale.

That’s why some organizations are looking at so-called call-back solutions, where companies let users leave a number so call centre staff call out instead of letting customers wait until an agent is free.

Toronto’s Fonolo is one solution provider in this field, offering a cloud-based service. Customers access it through a widget that can be added to a Web site or a mobile app.

Fonolo founder and CEO Shai Berger was recently interviewed by CRM Buyer. With many people carrying around cellphones, he notes in the piece, the call-back approach has a lot of appeal.


Fonolo customers include the Royal Bank of Canada, Sirius XM Radio Canada and telecom carrier MTS Allstream.

The company says callers can schedule a call-back when it suits them, while organizations can ensure the right agent answers questions.

Cisco Systems Inc. and Avaya offer a similar capability for their on-premise call centre solutions, but Fonolo’s is a software-as-a-service offering.

Pricing starts at $99 a month for up to 10 agents and $399 a month for up to 40 agents. For more agents than that Fonolo negotiates a price.

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