The IEEE 802.11b wireless networking standard is known by a variety of monikers — there’s AirPort if you’re an Apple user, Wireless Ethernet, or, perhaps its most ubiquitous handle, Wi-Fi. Whatever you call it, it works the same way — though some names are easier to remember than others.

The significance of this isn’t lost on the consortium formerly known as the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance, or WECA. The group today announced that it has a new name that it hopes is easier to remember — Wi-Fi Alliance — along with a new Web site.

The site features new content to help consumers looking for straight answers about Wi-fi, including searching functionality, a glossary, info on how to set up a wireless LAN, a networking overview and more.

Founded in 1999, the Wi-Fi Alliance is open to all companies that support the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi5 standards. The company has more than 140 members, including Apple Computer Inc., and lists more than 300 compatible Wi-Fi products.