Virtual switching key to Silver Peak’s WAN optimization

Silver Peak will demo its Agility plug-in at VM World, which allows IT staff to optimize wide area network performance in a virtualized environment without directly interacting with the network layer.


Image: Optimize button on keyboard, courtesy of Shutterstock
CEO Rick Tinsley says the virtual switch technology integrated into VMware’s vSphere hypervisor was the key to making the product work in that environment.

It’s a reflection of the increasing virtualization and abstraction of enterprise infrastructure; the virtual architecture abstracts the physical switch hardware from the user, much as storage virtualization abstracts the user from the storage hardware.

These virtualization technologies dovetail nicely. And though virtualization is a critical element of the cloud computing movement, bringing more infrastructure elements under the virtualization umbrella could actually result in more companies keeping their IT infrastructure in-house rather than opting for cloud-based infrastructure; simplification of operation and reduced hardware demand are compelling rationales for keeping your hardware.


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