Rolling compute and storage and networking into a bundle isn’t new — major vendors have been partnering on this for a while. However, according to this report a number of startups are emerging to offer enterprises complete solutions.
One of these, Massachusetts-based SimpliVity Corp., debuts today, with an all-in-one array that includes a VMware server, deduplication appliance and primary and backup storage (above). It’s built on a 2U-sized modular building block called the OmniCube that provides a scalable pool of shared resources. The company says that in addition to running as a fully assimilated infrastructure, OmniCube systems can provide storage services to existing servers running virtual machines.
Pricing starts at US$54,990. The system will be sold through partners. There was no immediate word on the company’s Canadian sales strategy.
Read why an industry analyst thinks the approach may have legs.

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