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Published: October 24th, 2000

Communicating IT’s Value

(set of three videotapes, US$895)

Political Skills for IT

(five videotapes, US$195 each)

Produced by Glenn M. Miller

Glenn M. Miller Seminars: Business Skills for the Information Technology Field

“What works?” That’s the question CIOs ask when it comes to communicating the value of IT investments. The likely conclusion to that question is “…that I can understand and implement without five days of training and without paying a consulting firm $150,000 to implement because the methodology is so complex that even the executive summary is incomprehensible.”

Glenn M. Miller has the answer. Until recently a senior IT manager who spent much of his three-decade career at systems integrator Businessland Inc., Miller’s new trade is producing videotaped seminars targeting business skills for IT practitioners. Don’t expect Industrial Light and Magic effects from these series, produced with home consumer equipment and a PC. But CIOs and IT directors will find techniques and tricks that can help them assess the real payoff from IT and deliver that message effectively to the executive team.

In the tape series called Communicating IT’s Value, Miller gives specific tips for dealing with the following issues:

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