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Ruling the IT world

CIO executive Council members share tips on choosing a governance model for global IT.

Challenges of global team management

CIOs of global organizations have their hands full when it comes to managing global virtual teams. European Council members share their thoughts on meeting the challenges.

A new IT value vocabulary

In Fall 2004, at one of the initial meetings of the CIO Executive Council, members prioritized their professional challenges and chose several to collectively tackle to drive positive change.

Seven keys to IT Leadership

The CIOs who created the IT Value Matrix wanted it to be timeless.

Survival tips for tight times

As the economic downturn hits year three, how are CIOs coping with continued pressure to cut costs? Five CIOs from the Information Management Forum, an association of senior IT and business executives, explained their approaches during a roundtable discussion with CIO Deputy Editor Richard Pastore at the IMF's recent meeting in San Diego.

Video Reviews

Communicating IT's Value(set of three videotapes, US$895)Political Skills for IT(five videotapes, US$195 each)Produced by Glenn M. MillerGlenn M. Miller Seminars: Business Skills for the Information Technology Field"What works?" That

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