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A vendor juggling act
Managing multiple IT vendors on a major project is becoming a routine part of IT management.

Collaboration helps GTAA project take off
Jim Burke knows from experience that multi-vendor collaboration – while difficult – can be accomplished…given the right conditions.

Multisourcing with ITIL
ITIL is used to denote one of the more comprehensive (and non-proprietary) sets of guidelines for “best practice” IT services management. It can be effective when services are outsourced, even when there are multiple vendors involved.

Vendor management one step removed: Is outsourcing an option?
It makes perfect sense. If you have already adopted outsourcing as part of your IT strategy, why not use outside expertise to manage the outsourced elements?

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Innovation, reliability and accountability are three sought after qualities in healthcare IT vendors, a recent panel discussion in Toronto revealed.

Checking up on IT vendors
Today, the conversation with IT vendors is less about items and more about outcomes.

Vendors are keeping too many rights
Tech vendors strive for control. They control us with monopolies, digital rights management etc.

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Extending strategic supplier relationships
For organizations to leverage their workforce as a competitive differentiator, they must seek out the most efficient and effective sources of talent. Click to view this PDF file.

Intelligent outsourcing
Applying ITIL process governance and architecture to outsourced IT operations

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How to improve outsourcer relationships
O’Hare shares the solutions that helped him turn a problematic outsourcing relationship into a successful one.