Client-side desktop visualization provider Moka5 has launched “Vanguard” – M5 LivePC version 4.0 – a new component for its M5 Enterprise AnyWare enterprise perimeter platform. Using Type 2 client-side virtualization, Vanguard enables Windows and Macs to run configured and encrypted corporate desktops within a secure, centrally managed container.

Moka5 claims Vanguard is the only centrally managed, cross-platform, locally executing PC container on the market. The company says that the software works online or offline, has enhanced scalability compared with legacy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and has enhanced APIs for infrastructure integration.

The company says Vanguard has improved enterprise manageability and security for personal and corporate computers. These features will contribute better support for IT initiatives such as BYOD, CYOD (chose your own device), mobile workforce, contractor management and other projects that require mobility and security across heterogeneous hardware platforms. The software isolates sensitive corporate information and applications from personal information and applications, as well as the host itself.

Moka5 marshalled its business partners to help tout the virtues of the new product.

“We’re extremely excited by the new Vanguard release,” Sabrina Storozuk, CEO of Toronto-based Faktor11, a premier Moka5 cloud partner, said in a statement. “As a company at the forefront of optimizing enterprise client computing using Moka5 as our base technology, we’ve been looking for the level of infrastructure integration, security, and simplicity that Vanguard brings. More importantly, the anticipated infrastructure cost-savings for our customers due to Vanguard’s scalability is a tangible benefit realized from day one of deployment.”

Core features of the software include:

  • 14,000 containers per management server – versus 50 to 100 for standard VDI images – achieved via 64-bit architecture and improved connection handling, caching, and SSL performance
  • Container management representational state transfer (REST) APIs that integrate revoke, unrevoke, kill commands into existing tools such as systems management or help desk
  • Self-service REST APIs that integrate self-service provisioning capabilities into existing web portals
  • User download controls
  • Improved host security assessment via an integrated host malware check
  • Improved file transfer between primary image stores and Moka5/Amazon S3 replicas
  • Compatibility alerts prior to LivePC download

“Moka5 has been at the forefront of the new enterprise end-user computing market, and now with Vanguard Moka5 delivers fully on its promise,” Moka5 CEO Dave Robbins said in a release. “Combining truly massive scalability with a great user experience, IT is able to guarantee client performance while simplifying its overall management footprint and significantly reducing costs.”