An IT administrator’s job is never done, even when they go on vacation, according to a survey by Carlsbad, Calif.-based data security company CoreProtect.

Out of the 228 IT administrators polled, 72 per cent said they were apprehensive about returning to work and having to deal with the inevitable IT issues that would arise while they were away. In addition, 23 per cent said that while on vacation, they have received phone calls relating to IT projects or requests for help to deal with IT problems.

The poll revealed some common tasks administrators fear they have to attend to upon return from vacation:

• Application corruption

• Unauthorized downloading of applications, including “drive-by” downloads

• Security breaches

• User error

• Lost data and configuration settings

• Server failure

• E-mail/Internet connection interruption, including spam issues

• Hard drive corruption

• Virus attack

• Backup failure