Enterprise software maker J.D. Edwards released Monday supply chain event management (SCEM) enhancements to its real-time production and distribution planning (PDP) application.

The Denver based company said the PDP solution – part of the J.D. Edwards 5 application suite – enables users to simultaneously create supply chain reports for distribution, manufacturing, sourcing constraints and costs.

Among the enhancements include a revamped J.D. Edwards 5 user interface and two-way communication between the company using PDP and external trading partners, J.D. Edwards said.

The SCEM capabilities use a collaborative Web client to provide customers and suppliers access to PDP supply plans and applications over the Internet.

The supply chain event manager, the company continued, can also be integrated with tools such as Microsoft Excel.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from our customer base around event management…customers are really focused on reducing their inventory,” said Andy Carlson, director of supply chain product marketing for J.D. Edwards.

The real-time SCEM capabilities, Carlson said, allow companies to quickly react to unexpected changes – such as production or shipment delays – and gain a holistic view of the extended supply chain by incorporating partners and suppliers in the decision-making process.

The products enable organizations to make the transition from traditional batch planning solutions to automated offerings that allow faster response time, Carlson continued.

The company is online at www.jdedwards.com.