The job creation cooperation centre for graduates of Jihad University in Iran will hold a seminar on the role of IT in job creation in October. The seminar concerns the study of the scientific approach to job creation and the proper application of IT in job creation, as well as the concomitant effects on economic, industrial and commercial structures and their job-generation potential.

The objective of this conference is to evaluate the status of IT in Iran and its potential for job creation, Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) said.

Talebi, the secretary of the scientific committee of the conference, stated that several issues prompted scholars and experts to conduct research on the role of IT in job creation. These include the rapid development of IT throughout the world; generating an appropriate job-creation context; Iran’s urgent need for proper planning in order to put these opportunities in use to solve economic problems and reduce unemployment; and achieving the stated objectives of the 3rd Development Plan. He believes the conference will give some analysis and appropriate strategies for using IT in order to cut the unemployment rate.

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