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University to hold conference on IT, job creation

The job creation cooperation centre for graduates of Jihad University in Iran will hold a seminar on the role of IT in job creation in October. The seminar concerns the study of the scientific approach to job creation and the proper application of IT in job creation, as well as the concomitant effects on economic, industrial and commercial structures and their job-generation potential.

Iran: Islamic nations embrace new technology

Jordan's King Malak Abdolah welcomes Iranian trade. The first seminar on Iran's technological potential was held late last year. More than 200 investors, industrialists and executives from both the private and government sectors in Iran and Jordan took part in this one-day seminar. Mr. Arez said in his welcome speech that the Islamic nations have a special place in this era of electronic revolution. Jordanian officials, including King Malak Abdoulah, welcomed the expansion in trade and political ties with Iran.

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