Information on mental health and psychiatric disorders is now available to the public thanks to a new Web site launched by McMaster University.

Known as PsychDirect, the site filters professional information from faculty clinicians and researchers at McMaster and its affiliated hospitals into understandable and relevant content.

The site features a wide range of topics, from anxiety disorders and depression to clinical criminology and forensic psychiatry. Users can determine the level of information they want to pursue, ranging from a simple overview to scientific journal articles.

“We believe that everyone has the right to as much information as they need or want to enable them to be collaborative partners in their own health care as well as that of their loved ones,” said Gayle Stoness, PsychDirect’s program manager.

The Web site aims to encourage early detection and treatment of mental disorders, in addition to raising awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health issues.

The information contained on the Web site comes from mental health professionals from several disciplines, such as psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and mental health lawyers.

Find more information visit PsychDirect at

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