Corporations are shifting their responsibility for environmental concerns to the supply chain, said the Brown-Wilson Group in its report, “Black Book of Outsourcing: 2007 Green Outsourcer Report”.

The Brown-Wilson Group offers 12 steps to develop a green outsourcing initiative:

1. Start with a commitment to contract with green suppliers when possible;

2. Designate dedicated employees to the goal of seeking green suppliers;

3. Communicate your commitment to employees, clients, current vendors, prospects, consumers and the public;

4. Assess and evaluate your current sourcing contracts and policies;

5. Set goals that are specific to your organization;

6. Learn about green policies from current and prospective vendors;

7. Review the vendor’s purchasing, product services specifications, and the supplier’s utilization levels’

8. Put it in motion, and procure outsourcing services using phase-in approach or test through a pilot program;

9. Demand that all current vendors meet an achievable implementation date for submitting, approving and executing their green plan;

10. Evaluate your green sourcing program and that of your vendors;

11. Market and get the word out to encourage vendors to get involved more quickly and force competitive vendors to also raise the bar;

12. Monitor your green sourcing program with the assistance of external benchmarkers or internal auditors.

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