TrueTime Inc.’s timing product, TimeVault, is a Stratum 1 network time server that provides precise Network Time Protocol (NTP) time service for workstations and servers employed in enterprise applications.

TimeVault is targeted to meet the needs of e-commerce, financial, health care, legal, transportation and freight, real estate/title, and government enterprises as they face the challenges of moving their core business into the Internet environment.

Accurate time and synchronization is an essential tool for successful networked commerce transactions, eliminating confusion about the priority and timing of on-line stock trading, telecom billing, document filings and invoice payments.

TimeVault is designed to be an integral part of an enterprise’s time management policy. Based on experience derived from many different network time installations, TrueTime’s network specialists work with enterprise IT managers to develop a Time Operating Policy specifically tailored for their particular enterprise and market segments.

Pricing for TrueTime’s TimeVault time server ( is US$4,395.

Prices listed are in US currency.


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