Toronto’s e-Dev offers software project tool


IT project managers can expect to reduce the amount of documents they go through by 50 per cent using a product from e-Dev Technologies Inc., the company said.

The Toronto-based firm launched the inteGreat Requirements Development Platform at ProjectWorld 2008 this week. Designed for business analysts and other project stakeholders, inteGreat can be used in software application projects and includes a requirements portal to collaborate online.

According to e-Dev, inteGreat works by collecting user needs into an integrated “body of knowledge” that can then be used to analyze the requirements of an application. It can amalgamate 10 key dimensions of a software project such as strategy, data, process, network, people and risk. Users can also expect to see redundant communication reduced 80 per cent and a 40 per cent productivity boost, e-Dev added.

Pricing for inteGreat starts at $1,200 per seat, while a 10-person development team could get started with the software for $16,200.


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