Tivoli Systems Inc. has announced Storage Manager 4.1. Among the software’s new features is the ability to handle automatic backup and tape sharing. Storage Manager 4.1 also has added a so-called LAN-free management feature, which allows servers and storage devices to move data through SAN pipes instead of over a LAN. This takes traffic off the LAN and speeds up the back-up and restoration process, according to Tivoli. Also coming to Storage Manager is the ability to exploit EMC’s TimeFinder technology. TimeFinder is a software feature in the Symmetrix box that lets IS staff take a snapshot of the data running there at various intervals. The snapshots are stored on dedicated TimeFinder disks in the box, and allow for high-speed backup of data for heavy-duty applications such as SAP’s enterprise resources planning software, as well other network files. Tivoli also will provide a development tool kit to tie SAN management tools to NetView, its enterprise management application. Tivoli Storage Manager 4.1 starts at US$2,000 and will be available in July; it runs on Unix, Windows NT/2000 and OS/390. Tivoli Systems is at http://www.tivoli.com.

Prices listed are in US currency.