Wireless devices…tools or toys? That is the question that has a lot of network managers wondering whether it is worth the hassle of implementing this type of solution to create a mobile enterprise.

With more and more workers on the go — at meetings or on the road — keeping in touch is becoming essential, and devices that may have been previously thought of as gadgets are taking on a new role. While in Canada the wireless side of mobile devices has yet to reach a peak, that could change soon enough, according to one analyst.

“In the Canadian context, something like a Palm Pilot wouldn’t be terribly popular, I don’t think,” said Mark Quigley, a senior analyst with Brockville, Ont.-based The Yankee Group in Canada. He said the reason why the device isn’t as prevalent is because the Palm 7, which has wireless capabilities built-in, has not been launched in Canada yet. “[When it is launched], that will bring that kind of wireless PDA capability to the enterprise in Canada.”