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HP to offer unlocked Palm Pre 2 to small business

The unlocked UMTS phone will be sold mainly to developers but also in HP's small-business channel

HP revamps WebOS, unveils Pre 2

The company finally goes public with the direction of its smart phone strategy since buying Palm back in April. Find out more about the HP

HP closes Palm deal, confirms WebOS tablet

The new Palm unit will be responsible for future slate PCs and netbooks, HP said. Palm's WebOS platform will play a key role, the company added

HP wants Palm OS for Web-connected printers

HP is buying Palm because it wants the company's operating system to use in Web-connected printers, Chairman and CEO Mark Hurd said on Tuesday. Microsoft is an important partner, he says, but for some devices HP wants its own OS

Blogging Idol: It’s a wrap

Our third annual blogging competition comes to a close, but that doesn't mean the platform will disappear

In Conversation: Palm buy, Yahoo’s transparency

VIDEO: Rafael Ruffolo and Dave Webb debate the upside and downside of HP's purchase of Palm; Brian Jackson talks with Yahoo privacy chief Anne Toth

UPDATE: HP to buy struggling Palm for US$1.2 billion

The deal, which received a vote of confidence from both companies, comes after rumors of a number of potential suitors for the handset maker

OPINION: Can HP succeed with Palm?

The company that created the PDA market took its eye off the mobile ball, but was coming back with a vengeance. For HP to succeed with the Palm brand, it has to leave well enough alone

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