The Demo: Teradata’s Relationship Manager


Teradata recently announced the newest iteration of its relationship management software product, Relationship Manager 6. Geared toward on-the-ground marketing professionals, the latest version features a Web-based interface built on Java technology, according to Teradata director of solutions marketing, Robert Tuttle, who said that the product should be available by the end of the year.

Analytics built into the solution offers customer, behavioral trend, and product affinity analysis, and can generate charts. The program also has a built-in search feature that allows users to find past charts, figures, and segments, so as to reduce redundancy.

The suite includes several modules. The Marketing Resource Management module provides automated workflow and process management approvals, while the Communication Management, Contact Optimizer, and Interaction Advisor modules help the user plan how to best communicate with the marketing targets by sorting them according to characteristics and history, then suggesting how best to personalize and tailor the contact and choose which product to proffer.

CROSS SEGMENT TARGETED. The program can show any segment variables, so that the user can isolate a specific group within a segment to target or get further information on them. This smaller segment can then be saved for later campaigns, or for drilling down for more specific details about the contacts.

SEGMENT PLANNING. This shows a segment plan, which lets the user separate contacts into groups so as to determine what promotions would be best for them. It also offers an automatic opt-out list so that it’s easier to ensure that those who do not wish to be contacted aren’t. “It enforced corporate policies automatically, and there’s productivity enhancements with that as well,” said Tuttle.


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