Atomic Data

Data elements that represent the lowest level of detail. For example, in a daily sales report, the individual items sold would be atomic data.

Braking Mechanism

A software device that prevents users from querying the operational database once transaction loads reach a certain level.

Cooperative Processing

A style of computer application processing in which the presentation, business logic, and data management are split among two or more software services operating on one or more computers. In cooperative processing, individual software programs (services) perform specific functions that are invoked by means of parameterized messages exchanged between them.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP systems are comprised of software programs, which tie together all of an enterprise’s various functions – such as finance, manufacturing, sales and human resources. This software also provides for the analysis of the data from these areas to plan production, forecast sales and analyze quality.

Intelligent Agent

A software routine that waits in the background and performs an action when a specified event occurs. For example, agents could transmit a summary file on the first day of the month or monitor incoming data and alert the user when certain transactions have arrived.


The process of reducing a complex data structure into its sim plest, most stable structure. In general, the process entails the removal of redundant attributes, keys, and relationships from a conceptual data model.

Subject Oriented Databases

Rather than build one massive, centralized data warehouse, many companies are building numerous subject-oriented warehouses to serve the needs of different divisions.

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