Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. and Atlanta-based NetSchools Corp. recently launched the One-to-One E-learning program – an intiative that will provide

curriculum delivery and support technologies (collectively called Constellation) to more than 100 grade seven, eight and nine students and 52 teachers in Alberta’s Livingstone Range School Division.

NetSchools’ Constellation software component, Orion, helps teachers align their curriculum to standards, and provide testing against them, according to the company. It also gives students access to a range of Internet-based resources.

HP Canada says it has matched Livingstone Range School Division’s investment by donating one Omnibook notebook PC for each one purchased for all teachers and

students at two Livingstone Range schools. Another two schools will follow a “teacher first” model, in which teachers will receive HP-donated notebook PCs. In addition to the notebooks, teachers in all four schools will receive training on how to use technology as a problem-solving tool, according to the companies.

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