Symantec next Tuesday plans to unveil new software that allows data to be backed up instantly and recovered from any point in time.

At an event in New York, the company will announce Backup Exec 10d for Windows Servers and LiveState Recovery Suite 6.0. Backup Exec will include Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, software that eliminates back-up windows.

The software will also include Designed for Disk Backup Exec 10d, software which backs up data to disk instead of tape. The company also announced Backup Exec 10d for Small Business Servers and Backup Exec 9.2 for NetWare, software that allows small and midsized businesses to back up their NetWare and Windows networks.

Traditionally, backups are done as incremental or full backups. These backups take time away from operating applications and disrupt operations. With Backup Exec 10d including the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, files are protected as changes are made. With this software, users can recover files they may have lost without asking IT for assistance.

Backup Exec 10d also allows IT to monitor back-up job status and alerts. Symantec LiveState Recovery Suite 6.0 provides bare metal system recovery, software for servers, desktops and laptops, includes a new Restore Anyware Option that lets IT administrators recover any Windows server or desktop to any other Windows server or desktop, independent of hardware configuration.

It also includes a LightsOut Restore Option that integrates pcAnywhere’s lights out technology to enable servers to be managed from remote locations. LiveState’s Recovery Manager is now integrated with Symantec’s Backup Exec – administrators can create back-up jobs in LiveState Recovery Manager that will be executed by Backup Exec.

LiveState Recovery Suite also includes bandwidth throttling, Windows domain controller support and sending SNMP traps.

Backup Exec 10d and the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server are expected to be available next month. Backup Exec 10d starts at US$795; the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server is included at no additional cost with Backup Exec 10d. A continuous protection starter kit, which includes Backup Exec 10d, the Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server and agents for three servers is expected to be available for $995.

LiveState Recovery Advanced Server Suite is available now for $1,700.

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