Symantec Corp. Friday announced a new enterprise antivirus and antispam application that adds multilayer antispam tools to its IT toolbox to help fight unwanted incoming e-mail.

The latest Symantec Antivirus for SMTP Gateways 3.1 has a new heuristic antispam component that allows the application to “score” incoming e-mail using special equations that help determine whether it’s spam or should be accepted. Also included is the ability to use multiple existing online “blacklist” services that records known spam senders so the addresses can be blocked. Subject line blocking is also supported in the new version, allowing IT departments to set rules for subject line topics that will not be accepted.

Chris Miller, the group product manager for e-mail security products at Cupertino, Calif.-based Symantec, said enterprise customers who want additional protection can now get all their antivirus and antispam coverage from one Symantec application. Pricing starts at US$13.10 per node for 100 to 249 users and extends to US$10 per node for more than 2000 users.

The multifaceted approach to spam protection is also being used by competitors, as vendors seek more effective ways to help users reduce the amount of spam in their in-boxes.

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