Symantec Corp. has expanded its endpoint virtualization offerings to include presentation virtualization and connection brokering, technologies got through its soon-to-be-complete acquisition of nSuite Technologies Inc.

Presentation virtualization allows users to view and interact with applications running remotely on a server, as if it were running on a local device. Connection brokering is meant to allocate computing resources, whether virtual or traditional, like information, user profiles and applications to an endpoint regardless of the device.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based endpoint virtualization products are targeted at companies needing to manage endpoints, whether physical, virtual or hybrid. The new technology will allow rapid provisioning of anything from traditional desktops to full virtual desktops, the company said.

According to the company’s vice-president of endpoint virtualization, Ken Berryman, “Symantec’s strategy is to help enable a truly dynamic endpoint where applications and information are delivered to any computing environment in a seamless manner.”

As companies increasingly use virtualization technology to deploy applications to endpoints, “simplified, complete management of the virtualization stack and the security of the endpoint solution are both paramount concerns,” said Chris Wolf, senior analyst with Burton Group.