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Microsoft vs. VMware: Who’s better at disaster recovery?

Microsoft disputes criticism that it lacks critical recovery features. Debate has broken out over this topic since the Burton Group declared that Microsoft's Hyper-V is not enterprise-ready because it lacks a specific feature found in both the VMware and Citrix hypervisors

Microsoft’s 2010 software line-up most "monolithic" in years

The company's software suite presents the "most complicated lock-in decision in years," according to the Burton Group. "If you go forward with all of the 2010 products you will be a Microsoft shop for the foreseeable future," says one analyst

Symantec beefs up endpoint virtualization

Through the acquisition of nSuite Technologies Inc., Symantec Corp. will expand its endpoint virtualization offerings to include presentation virtualization and connection brokering

SOA ready for prime time, HP insists

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) said service-oriented architecture (SOA) for more efficient development of IT services is ready to move from the testing phase into production.

Trustgenix adds protocol translation

Trustgenix last month announced the latest version of its identity software that features a translation engine for integrating disparate protocols that allow companies to share user authentication.

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