Wi-Max technology received a major boost last month when Sprint Nextel announced plans to roll out a wireless network across the U.S. based on the mobile Wi-Max specification.

The carrier appears to be the first wireless service provider in the U.S. to firmly plant its feet in the ground and state exactly how it will bring higher data transmission speeds to its mobile customers nationwide.

Sprint Nextel’s announcement isn’t unexpected. Len Lauer, COO at Sprint Nextel, said in April that Sprint would make its 4G technology decision this summer and start deploying it by 2008. But since Sprint Nextel had tested multiple next-generation technologies, it wasn’t clear which would emerge as the winner.

In selecting its 4G technology, Gary Forsee, CEO at Sprint Nextel, said the technology had to meet four criteria — allow Sprint to be first to market, provide economical performance, allow Sprint to create

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