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Take two: Nominum tries hosted DNS

With its Skye hosted services, the Redwood City, Calif. domain naming system vendor has re-entered the outsourcing market

IPv6: Not a security panacea

Internet Protocol version 6 may have encryption, but it still has security vulnerabilities. An L-3 Communications expert explains why IPv6 tunneling should not be used for sensitive traffic

Google plans micropayments service to media owners

Google is planning to let users buy news stories a la carte or buy packaged subscriptions to several online publications. Here

Top 5 IPv6-based threats facing CIOs

We may not be seeing denial-of-service attacks on IPv6 because most of the targets that people want to attack aren't IPv6. Nonetheless, the number of IPv6-based attacks is on the rise, experts say. Here's a rundown of the five biggest threats CIOs should be concerned aboutrnrn

Alcatel-Lucent, German wireless carrier offer free minutes with mobile ads

Would you be willing to view mobile ads in exchange for free text and wireless minutes? German mobile carrier E-Plus and Alcatel-Lucent are offering just that to cell phone users in Germany

IBM India puts $113M into mobile communications

IBM's India Research Laboratory hopes to develop ease-to-use services for people using mobile devices rather than PCs to access the Internet

New DOS attacks threaten wireless data networks

A Bell Labs researcher says the threats are the result of weaknesses in the Mobile IP protocol, warning the attacks are easy to launch and hard to detect

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