In 1997, during my days as a process analyst working to implement some Oracle applications two co-workers and I visited Oracle’s Head Office in Redwood, California for two weeks to test the newest release of their software. On the evening of the third day of our visit we each went back to our respective hotel rooms after a long day filled with challenges. We agreed to meet each other in the lobby for Dinner at around 7:30. I decided to sit on my bed and dial-in to our corporate network to check my email.

Now from where I lived at the time in Saint John, NB to California is 4 hours difference, so I guess the late evening the night before and the early rise in the morning because of my body’s internal clock caused me to be tired so I fell off to sleep. Later I heard someone pounding on my door so in my groggy state I managed to pull myself to the door. It was my co-workers and I was late. When they looked at me they began to laugh uncontrollably for there in my forehead was the imprint of key from my laptop’s keypad for when I nodded off my head came to rest on the keypad and that is where it stayed for the next hour or more. To add insult to injury, needless to say this would not hold up the other’s dinner plans so I then had to wear the imprint on my head until it gradually went away.

Pat Kearney

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