British mobile phone developer Sendo Holdings PLC said Tuesday that it has dropped its lawsuit against Orange SA regarding disputed smart phone circuit board patents, after reaching a licensing agreement with Orange supplier Texas Instruments Inc. (TI).

Sendo filed the suit against Orange’s U.K. operations last month for distributing circuit boards that allegedly infringed on its patents, but said Tuesday that it had reached a licensing agreement with TI that allows it to drop its suit against the French operator.

“We always said that it was regrettable that we had to file the suit against a distributor, but if you don’t take action it devaluates your patent,” said Marijke van Hooren, director of communications at Sendo.

Van Hooren declined to give the details of Sendo’s licensing agreement with TI but said that Sendo is “pleased with the deal.”

Representatives for Orange in the U.K. were not immediately available to comment on the withdrawal of the suit.