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2020’s who’s who in U.S. patents: IBM still No. 1

In 2020, for the 28th consecutive year, IBM was granted the most U.S. patents: 9,130, to be exact, light years ahead of number two Samsung Electronics' 6,415 (though Samsung Display, ranked number sixteen, scored an additional 1,902).

Hashtag Trending – Increased tech use could lead to ADHD in teens, IBM sues Groupon, human-machine mind control may be a reality

Teens who use a lot of tech may be at an increased risk of developing ADHD, IBM is suing Groupon for patent infringement, and controlling machines with human minds like Pacific Rim may be a reality.

IBM marks more than 100,000 patents in 25 years with AI, cyber security enhancements

The inventors who serve as the backbone of International Business Machines Corp. passed a significant milestone this year, and a diverse array of fields...

IBM breaks US patent record, received over 8,000 in 2016

IBM announced today that its inventors were granted 8,088 patents in 2016, breaking the US patent record and becoming the first company to exceed 8,000 patents in a single year.

Mike Hinchey: software research director and 2016 IFIP president shares tech insights

The pace of research application measured in years 10 years ago now occurs in days in 2016, according to Mike Hinchey, renowned research director and president of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)

Will Canada lose BlackBerry patents?

Only a limited number of companies have the money to pay for the intellectual property that BlackBerry Ltd. holds and none of them are...

IT innovators navigating a patent minefield

In the wake of patent battles between major smart phone vendors, an IT recruiter looks at the inhospitable terrain individuals and smaller firms must cross to see their ideas realized

Kodak seeks court approval for confidential patent auction plan

Kodak plans to complete the auction by August

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