I just read Ken Hanley’s column in Computer World magazine entitled “That’s It” (March 22, page 20).

I don’t travel a lot, but I must say I do travel enough to realize exactly >what you are saying is 100 per cent true. I have also been made to turn on all of my electronic gadgets on one side of the security “archway” if you would call it that, then put them through the machine only to be told to do it all again (turn them all on again) on the other side.

What did they do? Put a bomb in my devices when it was in the machine? Are they under the impression that once I turned on my laptop, shut it off and put it through the scanner that it would miraculously become an explosive? I guess we’ll never know. I too hope that there is some technology out there that will make this all be one of those stories you tell your kids (“I remember when you got on an aeroplane you had to wait in line two hours for security to …”) and I hope it brings itself forward soon! It would be great if you could get that same article posted in the Globe and Mail or some type of national paper that is read by a bunch of CEOs out there in the country that would say: “Hey, I think we could do something like that.”

Thank you for an enjoyable article.

Mike Phipps, I.S. manager, Calgary