Published: August 17th, 2000

Securant Technologies has just started shipping a new version of its ClearTrust SecureControl software for Web-based access control, adding a “threat-detection” feature that notifies managers when suspicious or unusual behavior is detected. Unix-based ClearTrust SecureControl 4.0 is designed as a proxy server used to restrict access to any Web application, whether it is running on Unix, Windows NT/2000, MVS, AS/400 or any of a variety of application servers. The latest version of the access-control software lets managers delegate administration within the corporate intranet, outside the enterprise or to individual subscribers. The threat-detection capability added to ClearTrust SecureControl 4.0 lets network managers monitor how users are accessing Web information. ClearTrust SecureControl 4.0 is priced at US$20 per user. For more information visit. <a href="" target="_blank.

Prices listed are in US currency.