If you’re looking for an alternative to pricey and inflexible T-1 connections to the Internet, or if you want to build a campus or metropolitan-area network without making a capital investment, one option is a Gigabit Ethernet-based MAN vendor.

Newcomers such as Telseon Inc., Yipes Communications Inc. and Cogent Communications Inc. are offering inexpensive broadband links that can be provisioned quickly, plus they offer access to value-added services from network service providers, including application hosting, storage services and Web hosting.

They can also connect companies throughout the U.S. or globally over WAN broadband optical links that interconnect MANs. In addition, these vendors are bringing fibre directly to customers within multitenant buildings by connecting to the building’s vertical riser. Ethernet is the dominant access method, which enables multitenant building customers to connect directly to their building LAN.

The network design looks like:

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