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The Average Household Will Surpass ISP’s 1TB Data Caps Within 3 Years –

A group of expert analysts and researchers at, who scrub public sources or proprietary surveys to help guide long-term commitment purchases for clients,...

Avaya WLAN 9100 Series: Top 10 things you need to know

Avaya WLAN 9100 Series delivers wired-like performance and predictability to your mobile users and today’s wireless office. Providing application-level visibility and control, it helps...

6 things that IT managers should add to their to-do lists for 2016

In many ways, 2015 could be defined as the year of the hack. Here are six ways to make your DNS more secure.

Networking patent and appliance looks to reduce Internet usage and file sync times

Connected Data’s Transporter for Business product provides IT departments with more control over file sync and share by keeping more traffic on the LAN instead of the WAN

IT’s biggest money wasters

Though there's no one-click solution to any of these money wasters, there are ways you can stanch the flow of dollars and use it on the items that will make your IT organization shine. Here are the secrets

Social media sucks bandwidth, but cache can help

YouTube is taking up 10 per cent of corporate bandwidth, followed by Facebook, according to stats from Network Box. SuperLumin says its specialized social media cache can help

Round Table: 2009 in the rearview mirror, Pt. 3

In Part 3 of our end-of-year editorial round table discussion, IT World Canada staff ponder Cisco's agenda

Are YouTube and Facebook guzzling your firm’s bandwidth?

A service provider finds 21.5 per cent of its pipes are being consumed by a handful of sites

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