Innovation can mean many things to different people. For John Roese, there’s more to it than invention.

The new CTO of Nortel Networks Corp. says innovation is about figuring out what the next problem will be, and then finding the solution before it’s needed. It means looking for answers to questions that haven’t yet been asked.

Roese wants to develop what he calls the fifth element of communications networking architecture. It’s the only way, he says, to create a meaningful experience where neither the end user nor the operator knows the difference between which network is being used at any given time.

Roese, who took charge of Nortel’s 12,000 research and development engineers from his new headquarters in Ottawa late last month, says his top priority will be unifying Nortel’s technologies to create next-generation, relevant networks.

A unified approach

With a 20-year background in networking and security, Roese joins Nortel as the former CTO of networking technologies at silicon chip maker

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