Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) and Xerox Corp. have entered into negotiations after RIM filed a lawsuit on July 17 in Hartford, Conn., against Xerox to protect itself against allegations of patent infringements by the printer giant.

Xerox claims that RIM used some of its patented technology in the company’s BlackBerry handheld devices.

Both Waterloo, Ont.-based RIM and Stamford, Conn.-based Xerox declined to comment on the specifics of the suit but the companies issued a joint statement. “RIM asked the Court to enter a Declaratory Judgement as a defensive measure. RIM and Xerox are currently working together to reach an amicable resolution,” they said.

RIM is also facing allegations from NTP Software. NTP, in Nashua, N.H., filed a complaint in November 2001 over eight alleged patent infringements that surfaced in the BlackBerry e-mail device. In May, the U.S. Federal Court in Arlington, Va. ruled in NTP’s favour, however some aspects of the case are still subject to appeal. [ Please see Patent lawsuit delivers new charges to RIM.]

RIM is online at, and more information about Xerox can be found at

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