Canada is definitely a hotbed for social media, but Toronto was never reallythe Facebook capital of the world, according to Michael Scissons, CEO ofSyncapse Corp.

ComputerWorld Canada visited the company’s headquartersin downtown Torontofor a one-on-one talk with the 26-year-old CEO, who started grooming hisentrepreneurial skills at the age of six, about the social media space.

In theinterview below, Scissons discusses some of the struggles businesses are facingtoday with social media, how he sees social media evolving over the next fiveyears and why Canadians seem to have a thing for Facebook.

A social technology start-up that offers professional services and SaaS-based solutions for large enterprises, Syncapse launched in 2007 and expanded globally with office locations in Toronto, New York, Portland and London in the U.K. 

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