It’s embarrassing when you lose things. It’s even more embarrassing when you’re a billion-dollar corporation and you’ve lost a prototype device.

One of the latest to suffer is Microsoft Corp. after an unnamed person turned his or her back on what appears to be a standard Nokia Lumia 920 handset running the upcoming Windows Phone Blue.

As The Verge recounts, a man in the Seattle area put two and two together after buying the smart phone online and noting the operating system didn’t look like anything he’d seen. He posted screen shots online, and that’s when the story gets interesting.

(A Nokia 920 running the current version of Windows 8 Phone)
I’ll let you read the rest below, but suffice it to say Microsoft wasn’t laughing. The lesson to every company who lets someone take a prototype out of the office is to take them aside and remind them that it’s nothing to be casual about.

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