CodeBaby Corp., a developer of intelligent agent software, together with the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning (AICML), a centre of the University of Alberta, have agreed to share machine learning intelligence. The partnership will help supporting the practical application of AI concepts. Through its collaboration with CodeBaby, the AICML plans to increase its expertise with the application of CodeBaby’s products. CodeBaby is focused on creating and commercializing

avatar-based agent technology.

Friends can be dangerous: Perens

The greatest threat to Linux may not come from known adversaries but rather from its strongest supporters, open-source advocate Bruce Perens said at the recent LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. The co-founder of the advocacy group, the Open-Source Initiative, singled out three companies in particular with his comments: IBM Corp., Red Hat Inc., and his former employer, Hewlett-Packard Co. “SCO is nothing beside the threat that open source developers face from software patents, a fight that we are losing badly,” he said. The open source guru called on companies to provide written assurances that they will not sue open-source developers.

Open-source J2EE app server a reality

A European middleware consortium called ObjectWeb recently announced a partnership with Red Hat Inc. and revealed that it is in negotiations with Sun Microsystems Inc. to become the first open source J2EE application server certified as J2EE-compliant.

Borland adds Tibco’s JMS to app server

Borland Software Corp. said it will add Tibco Software Inc.’s JMS (Java Message Service) to the forthcoming release of its application server, thereby replacing Sonic Software Corp.’s JMS. Combining Tibco’s JMS with its app server will enable customers to consider business integration at the application design level. Tibco’s JMS will emerge in the next release of Borland’s application server, Version 6.0, due in November.