Using its own integration engine, Integration Broker, PeopleSoft Inc. has come in approximately one quarter ahead of schedule in delivering cross-component integration between the suite of PeopleSoft Enterprise applications and seven J. D. Edwards & Co. suite components.

The J. D. Edwards applications are now known as PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne.

The integration will give users of PeopleSoft Enterprise and EnterpriseOne those components that were either not as robust or not present in their current application, according to Rick Bergquist, CTO at PeopleSoft.

“We are leveraging the unique capabilities that J. D. Edwards had and PeopleSoft didn’t,” said Bergquist. The seven points of integration include the Enterprise Order Capture with EnterpriseOne Inventory and Order Management; Enterprise Strategic Sourcing with EnterpriseOne Procurement; Enterprise Human Resource Management with EnterpriseOne Financial Management; Enterprise Supply Chain Management with EnterpriseOne Advanced Planning; Enterprise and EnterpriseOne general ledgers; Enterprise Financial with EnterpriseOne Capital Asset Management; and Enterprise Financial Management with EnterpriseOne Real Estate Management.

One industry analyst called the integration an “important milestone” giving PeopleSoft further credibility in the enterprise.

“This will allow PeopleSoft to cross-sell and up-sell their products to two different customer bases,” said Joshua Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting.

Greenbaum also said that while the integration was really a checklist item, if PeopleSoft had not done it in a timely fashion, the company’s reputation would have suffered.

PeopleSoft also announced that it has integrated nine J. D. Edwards data marts into the PeopleSoft Data Warehouse, which will allow J.D. Edwards customers to take advantage of applications written for the warehouse such as Global Consolidation, enterprise scorecards, and supplier rating systems.

J. D. Edwards customers will now also be able to take EnterpriseOne applications and publish the content in a PeopleSoft portal.

All of the PeopleSoft solutions will ship this week.

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