Oracle invests in PaaS firm


The IT industry’s biggest companies continue to expand their cloud computing offerings as the idea of putting almost everything non-critical in the cloud gains support.

In the latest move, Oracle Corp. has taken a minority stake in Engine Yard, a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that supports Ruby, PHP and Node.js and automates the configuration, rapid deployment and maintenance of cloud applications.

Oracle says that in an unspecified way it will leverage the partnership with Engine Yard for its Oracle Cloud platform, which offers automated application deployment in addition to infrastructure-as-a-service

In a statement announcing the investment Oracle said the two companies are expected to connect their respective PaaS offerings “to enable more rapid development of applications in a secure, reliable and scalable environment.”

“Developers building new web applications in Ruby, PHP and Node.js to meet growing demands associated with mobile and social computing need a robust web PaaS offering,” Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of Oracle Development,” said in the statement. “We are looking forward to integrating the Oracle Cloud with Engine Yard’s platform to further extend our PaaS capabilities for Web application development.”

“The partnership of Oracle and Engine Yard will provide developers with a choice of leading application development and deployment platforms,” Engine Yard CEO John Dillon said in the statement. “Oracle’s global scale and resources partnered with our deep expertise in deploying web-scale applications will provide enterprises with a complete and trusted application platform that enables them to easily leverage the power of the cloud.”

Engine Yard added support for Node.js, a framework for building highly scalable, real-time Web applications, in August.

The investment came only a few days after Oracle bought Instantis, a cloud-based and on-premise project portfolio management (PPM) applications.


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