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C++ surpasses Java as the most popular programming language

According to the most recent TIOBE Index, C++, a cross-platform programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup as an extension to the C language, has surpassed Java in terms of programming language popularity for the first time.

Switch to memory safe languages, NSA urges developers

Application developers can reduce the odds of their code including memory vulnerabilities by changing to a modern language, says the U.S. National Security Agency...

Nascent Google development language shows promise for more productive coding

Go is well suited for networking, distributed functions or service such as APIs, Web servers and minimal frameworks for Web applications.

Sidebar: Learn something new

Python, Ruby and JavaScript are the top recommendations

Learning the language

There's no shortage of programming languages. If you want to learn a new one, here's some advice

Appmethod development environment gets new capabilities

New interface, ability to link apps to wireless sensors is said to help make solutions for Internet of Things

RAD Studio upgrade helps developers build mobile apps easier

Suite now includes a new device designer that helps developers share code for multiple operating systems

What’s the next programming language you need to learn?

Computing languages come and go, so developers need a handle on what's coming

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