How many times have you cradled your phone against your ear waiting for someone, anyone, to get onto the phone, while Abba’s “Dancing Queen” plays in the background? Being put on hold is one of the most annoying aspects of telephone communications. But Inc.’s Music and Messaging On-Hold service claims to have changed that.

The company’s newly renamed Business Music Services Division has launched an Internet-based subscription music service for retailers and businesses, which allows them to advertise their services and create new music playlists to be played on the telephone.

This service offers the ability to customize music and messages, as well as access to all of’s music files, the company claimed.

“If you have a company with 500 locations, you can have customized playlists,” said Greg Wilfahrt, director of public relations at “For instance, if one of your stores is in California where maybe rock music is more popular, and another in Texas where country music is popular, you can not only change the music, but you can change the message as well.”

This allows businesses to offer different deals in different places. All changes can be made from one Web location, Wilfahrt said.

Accounts are created for customers to customize their playlists. Playlists hold unlimited songs which can be accessed from the Web site, and most artists opt to be a part of this service. Inc., in San Diego, California, can be reached at +1-858-623-7000, or on the Web at

– IDG News Service