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On hold? wants to help

How many times have you cradled your phone against your ear waiting for someone, anyone, to get...

EMC, CMGI team on storage, search engines

Storage vendor EMC Corp. and CMGI Inc., which owns several Internet businesses, earlier this month announced that they would cooperate to integrate EMC's storage technology with CMGI's software for searching on the Web.

Ginger is shrouded in secrecy

It shares its name with a tangy root and the actress who tap-danced her way into Hollywood history with Fred Astaire. But no one really knows what 'Ginger' is, other than the fact that it has generated a tremendous amount of interest and money.

CA links Unicenter to PeopleSoft Applications

(CA) last month announced the availability of an add-on module to Unicenter TNG for managing PeopleSoft Inc....

AltaVista ends free ISP service

Web portal AltaVista Co. will terminate its free Internet access service on Dec. 10. The company confirmed that 1stUp Corp., the vendor that provides AltaVista with its free Internet access service, is going out of business.

FTC delays AOL-Time Warner decision up to three weeks

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on Thursday decided to delay by up to three weeks its decision on the proposed merger between media giant Time Warner Inc. and America Online Inc. (AOL).

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